Stay Home. We'll Come To You.

Stay Home. We'll Come To You.

Rad Mobile Service launched late last year as a way to bring all the perks of a trip to a bike shop right to our riders' front doors.


By offering on-site delivery, tune-ups, accessory installations, and even thorough cleanings, it was instantly lauded it as a convenient must-have, especially for those with busy schedules.


When Jason Colton joined their team as a technician, there was nothing he loved more than making house calls.


It wasn’t uncommon for customers to greet him in the driveway with a friendly handshake or a round of high fives — especially if he was showing up with a new, fully-assembled ebike or stopping by to perform a much-needed tune-up.


Fast forward to today, and things are understandably a little different.


“It was always a very casual, fun experience, almost like running into an old friend,” Jason recalls. “These days, they're still super excited, but everyone's careful and courteous. We’re doing drop-offs from at least 10-feet away and if the customer requests it, we’ll even leave the bike by their front door and then head back to the van to take their questions by phone.”


It's a new approach that highlights how companies everywhere are adapting to the COVID-19 outbreak. For us, that’s meant taking extra steps to make sure Rad riders can still safely receive a full slate of services -- without having to leave their homes.


Operating in Seattle, Austin, Portland, Sacramento and Vancouver, B.C., Rad Mobile Service has met the spike in demand by expanding their hours and adding new, tooled-out vans to their fleets.


 Your time on a bike matters -- maybe now more than ever. Experts say going on a ride is a safe way to stay healthy and boost your mood.


And, of course, they've adopted a slew of measures to protect both employees and customers, from contactless maintenance to proper social distancing.


"When they get their bike back, everything's been sanitized. All touchable surfaces get wiped down," Jason explained. "We're wearing fresh gloves and masks to keep their family's safe and we're sanitizing our vans every time there's a new driver."


While his interactions with customers aren't as up-close as they once were, they're still as warm as ever. 


"We’ve definitely gotten some great feedback. I've even had a few Thank You cards," he said. "I really appreciate folks like that because they let me know how much it's changed their life in a positive way. And without this group, we couldn't make that happen."


It's the kind of response that reminds him why bicycle repair was deemed an essential service in the first place.


"We've got an amazing mission," he told us. "We're getting people on bikes and helping their health and our city and community and environment all in one step."


"If you've ever seen someone jump on one of our bikes for the first time, it's like they're 14 years old again without a care in the world. They're not worried about the past, they're not anxious about the future, they're just there in the moment having a blast with this bicycle. It's just empowering to a lot of people."


Live in Seattle, Austin, Portland, Sacramento, or Vancouver, B.C.? Book your visit from the Radmobile today.


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