Rehabbing a Pro Athlete | Rad Stories

Rehabbing a Pro Athlete | Rad Stories

Even though he was throwing baseballs before he was riding bikes, Caleb Dirks' remembers the first bike that he could call his own. It was a blue mountain bike, and he remembers going for family bike rides on it around Riverside, California, with his parents, two sisters, and brother.


He often dreamed about playing baseball professionally when he was in little league. But by the time high school hit, Dirks realized that a path to becoming a pro pitcher was a real possibility. He started taking it more seriously, and in 2014, he was drafted.


Highlights quickly followed. He was a double A all-star and a top-three earned run average leader across all the minors in 2016.


Then, in 2017, he tore a tendon in his elbow. Suddenly, there were three surgeries and a long road ahead. It was the perfect calling for an ebike. 


Watch the video below to see how a RadRover helped Dirks' mental game, physical progress, and commute time throughout his recovery.



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