Rad To The Bone: Inside Texas' First Ebiker Gang

Rad To The Bone: Inside Texas' First Ebiker Gang

There’s a new biker crew rolling out of Texas. They’re a wild bunch -- the type that craves adventure, flirts with danger, and heeds the call of the open road.


There’s only one requirement to join: You have to be Rad to the bone.


Okay, maybe Your Biker Gang isn’t a typical motorcycle club. For starters, they use RadRunners instead of your run-of-the-mill hogs, they don't require black leather jackets, and, unlike some biker gangs, you’re free to leave in 2 hours rather than signing on to ride or die for life.


But what Your Biker Gang lacks in recklessness, they absolutely make up for in fun.


"We're a biker gang parody tour, as strange as that sounds," co-owner and CEO Ryan Turner told us. "We really emphasize camaraderie, getting out of your comfort zone, and being goofy."


"Everything we do is part badass and part joke," he added.


Operating fleets out of Austin and San Antonio, Your Biker Gang gets each rider into that freewheeling mindset by offering cool (temporary) tattoos and letting them choose their own nicknames, like "Lunchbox" or "Piggly Wiggly."


The newly inaugurated bikers are then "initiated" into the gang, a process that some people could mistake for a simple RadRunner tutorial.


After that, the Road Captain (biker speak for "tour guide") takes his crew onto the streets for a 2 hour, 8 mile ride around the city to get into bar fights see the sights.


It's all taken with a grain of salt, but Turner noted that some riders are more than happy to dive deep into their new roles.


“Someone like an accountant will come in with his polo shirt and dress slacks," Turner said. "Once he puts on the helmet and the bandana, you can just see him shift from away from his day gig and the stresses of the world. It’s like, ‘I'm not Scott right now. I'm Lunchbox!’”


While the biker theme is a unique way to get visitors in the door, the tour stands out on its own as one of the cities' best.


In San Antonio, for instance, Your Biker Gang goes through great lengths to takes riders off the beaten path. Instead of lingering on the Alamo, which most tourists will visit on their own, the gang’s captain will highlight hidden gems nearby, including world-renowned graffiti art tucked away under highway overpasses.


“We want to show you the city from a local’s perspective,” Turner explained. “Sometimes when locals take our tour, even they’ll be surprised to find things they didn’t even know were there.”


And it's not just locals who are impressed. The tour has gotten a thumbs-up from a good number of real hardcore bikers.


"We asked them for feedback and to let us know if we went over the line," Turner said. “They were like ‘Nah, this is awesome. You guys nailed it. My kids can come with me and they’ve never experienced me on two wheels. Now we can all go together as a family and have a great time.”




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