Hit the Road with Rad's Spring Ride Guide

Hit the Road with Rad's Spring Ride Guide

So far this spring, we’ve reconnected with friends and loved ones outside, rediscovered places we love, and thrived off the optimism in the air. The one thing we've missed? The big spring getaway.

Fortunately, you don’t need to crowd the family into the car or navigate a busy airport to find that escape. Your getaway can be as easy as two wheels and a few miles of bike path. This May, Rad Power Bikes will show our riders that there’s a big, bike-friendly world out there just waiting to be discovered.

And since it’s National Bike Month, we’re also celebrating you, ebike riders— the forward-thinking, free-spirited individuals who've made the powerful choice to be on the forefront of something great.


Electric bikes make everything a little easier, whether that’s commuting to work or loading up on the week’s groceries. But with spring in full swing, you might have your heart set on something a little more fun than the day-to-day for your next ride. If you’re looking to maximize your time outside, here are a few Rad tips.

Save Money on Gas (Then Spend It on Something Fun) 

A young girl eats ice cream alongside a RadWagon.

Opting to travel by ebike rather than car is a great way to pack a little more fresh air into your day, but it can also add up to more money in your pocket. Like, a lot more. 

In the five states with the most Rad riders, gas prices are currently averaging $3.28 per gallon, according to data compiled by AAA. With travel picking up in the spring and summer months, that’s likely to rise. 

Keep track of the money you save and put it towards some of those little expenses that pop up when you’re out there on the bike path, like a quick visit to your favorite roadside ice cream stand, maybe? I know we could go for some right about now …

Beyond just saving money, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint. Plug in the number of miles you’ll be traveling into our emissions calculator to see what kind of impact you’re having on this Rad planet. 


Practice Spring Safety

A woman rides her RadWagon by the San Diego coast with her children.
Are you in sunny Southern California? Stop by our brand new San Diego Showroom for a free test ride!


There’s no better way to celebrate a sunny day than jumping onto an ebike and hitting trail. While the urge to get out and get going may feel overwhelming, just remember to take some time to pack two important items: sunscreen and plenty of water.

According to dermatologists, you should go with sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or higher and take a break to reapply it at least every two hours. And don't skimp on it either. Most adults need about 1 full ounce of sunscreen to effectively cover themselves but tend to use significantly less. Pay special attention to the parts of your body that will be directly exposed to the sun for the duration of your spin, like the back of your neck and the top of your hands. 

Make sure to drink water before you head out, and then bring enough with you to enjoy a hydration break during and after your ride — even on those cool-weather days. 

Dehydration is no joke. It can lead to serious issues, like heat stroke or exhaustion, especially in hot weather. In humid conditions, your sweat doesn't evaporate as quickly, which makes it harder for your body to cool down.

Hydrating helps you perform better too. A refreshing swig from your water bottle makes it easier for your heart to pump blood throughout your entire body, giving you the opportunity to ease up on the throttle and pedal a whole lot more. 

And don't forget that your four-legged passengers also get thirsty! Make sure they stay hydrated at your final destination with our foldable, lightweight pet water bowl.


Load Up for Adventure 

A woman and child enjoy a picnic alongside their electric bike.

The right trip needs the right gear. It’s a lot easier to lug around a backpack when you have 750 watts of power helping you out, but with the weather warming up, do you really want to have your back covered in sweat once you arrive?

We offer a wide range of storage accessories that can help you ditch the backpack and keep your ride stress (and sweat!) free. 

If you’re planning a picnic, pack cold things on the bottom of whatever carrying case you ultimately go with. Then put the picnic blanket on top. This will help insulate your snacks and drinks, plus you’ll be able to whip out the blanket and lay it on the grass before unpacking anything else.

If you really want to step up your picnic game, we have insulated bags available -- a tried and true favorite among food delivery drivers looking to keep items hot and fresh between stops. 


Bring Those Little Friends Along

A husband and wife put their child onto a Yepp seat on the back of a RadWagon

Just because they can’t reach the pedals (or can’t legally operate an electric bike themselves, as our legal team has kindly pointed out), doesn’t mean that you need to leave the kids with a sitter. 

The Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat is perfect for a child 9 months to 6 years old and up to 40 lb. It’s compatible with all of our bikes released after 2018 that include a built-in rear rack. 

But what about smaller, furrier passengers? We’ve got them covered, thanks to our pet collection. If you’re taking the pup for a spin, try our pet basket liner. 


Be a Spring Hero!

Three riders on their RadRunner electric utility bikes on a San Diego pier.

If you’re going for a group ride with friends who rely on traditional bikes to get around, don’t be shy about what your bike can do. 

They may struggle to carry along that plate of burgers or 24-pack of their favorite beverages, but you know your ebike will make that task a breeze -- especially since you’ll have a cargo carrying capacity that can outshine most ordinary bikes.

Be a good friend and offer to lend a hand. They might even be impressed enough to join you in the Rad Community!


Explore New Routes 

A woman poses next to her RadMission electric metro bike alongside spring flowers.

Have you signed up for our Bike Month challenge yet? There’s still time! We’re asking members of the Rad Community to rack 100 miles on their bikes before the end of May. 

We’re tracking the results through the new Ride Spot app put together by our good friends at People for Bikes.

When you download the app, you’ll also have access to suggested routes put together by cyclists in your community -- those who know secrets to avoiding busy streets and keeping your ride fun. It’s a great resource for shaking up your usual route! 


Ready to Ride Rad? The RadWagon and RadMission are in stock and ready to ship next business day. Have your eye on another model? We have a wide array of ebikes ready to ship this June. Find your perfect ride with our ebike picker.


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