Rad Goes to College

Rad Goes to College

Sure, classes may have just started, but there’s never a bad time to take a road trip.


That’s why we’re loading up the van, grabbing some snacks, and launching the Rad College Tour, a 12-day trip that gives us a chance to show off the RadRunner electric utility bike at campuses across California and Oregon.


For years, we’ve used our test rides to demonstrate to thousands of showroom visitors that ebikes are an easy and green way to get around town.


Now we’re giving college students a chance to hop on our bikes and see for themselves why WIRED praised the RadRunner for its “magic blend of affordability and usefulness.”


With four levels of pedal assist and a throttle that easily brings you up to 20 m.p.h., our ebikes seem to click with just about everyone, from hardcore cyclists to those of us who may have not ridden a bike since Jr. High but still need to make beer runs get to class on time.


Check out the dates below to see if your campus is on the list. Even if you’re not in the market for a new ride, come by and give it a try. It may be the only fun test you’ll take all year. 


Plus, come on, it’s free.


If you’re sick of car culture and all the annoying costs that come with it, an ebike may be the solution. Check out our breakdown in the infographic below.


For full tour details, including dates and locations, check out the Rad College Tour event page.




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