Reimagine Everything

A man and woman ride their RadCity 5 Plus up a city hill.

Finding an ebike to replace your car is just the beginning. The all-new RadCity 5 Plus is a versatile, European-style ride with the power to change your entire perspective.

Here’s how getting around on our latest and greatest model can help you reimagine everything.

Reimagine Commuting

A woman commutes to work down a city street on a RadCity 5 Plus.

The RadCity 5 Plus makes riding so easy that anybody can be a bike commuter. With 50+ miles per charge and hydraulic brakes that excel in urban settings, you’ll be able to start each morning with a healthy dose of fresh air, whether you’re heading to the office or just grabbing some you time before your next conference call.

Reimagine Hills

Let’s be honest. It’s a lot harder to talk yourself into a bike ride when you know there’s a daunting hill along your route. The custom 500W geared hub motor means you don’t have to sweat it anymore — especially since it climbs hills 40% faster than the RadCity 4.

Reimagine Your To-Do List

This is an ebike that doesn’t just make it possible to do errands, it actually makes them fun. Take advantage of the 275 lb. payload capacity and included rear rack to load up on groceries or take the kids for a joy ride on their way home from school. You might even start looking for excuses to add another item to your list.

Reimagine Parking

No more circling the parking lot. With the RadCity 5 Plus, the perfect spot is just a bike rack away. And if you want to take your battery with you, the new design lets you pop it in and out with the push of a button.

Reimagine BFF Time

Let your friends try out your new ebike. We’re pretty sure they’ll end up wanting their own. With high-step and step-thru styles that compliment riders between 4’8”-6’5”, it won’t be long until you can all go on the ultimate group ride.


Ready to see what you can reimagine? The RadCity 5 Plus and RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru are available now and shipping soon. 

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