Lions and Tigers and Burros, Oh My!

Lions and Tigers and Burros, Oh My!

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo strives to establish itself as a living showcase of sustainability. Its environmental efforts focus on efficient energy and water use, waste reduction, pollution prevention, sustainable design, biodiversity and ecology, and sustainable transportation. In May 2018, the Woodland Park Zoo instituted a new Vehicle On Grounds Policy to significantly reduce the use of motorized and road-licensed vehicles traveling on guest pathways during public hours. In an increasingly busy zoo, this policy helps the zoo provide a safe and extraordinary experience for its guests. But the adoption of this policy also created a challenge - how to keep cargo moving around its busy and dynamic campus without daily use of motor and large equipment vehicles?


The RadBurro electric cargo trike was recently added to the zoo’s fleet as an integral part of this solution. With 700 lbs of cargo capacity and a 52.5Ah battery-powered motor that reaches 40-80+ miles of range on a single charge, the RadBurro is a cutting-edge contributor to the zoo’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and noise pollution while maintaining mobility of staff, cargo, and equipment on campus.


The result of this policy has been an improved guest experience, better acoustic and air quality for people and animals, reduced carbon emissions, healthier staff, and a safer zoo. Pedal power also provides the bonus of physical exercise for the zoo’s staff - not to mention being friendly, quiet, and cool!


Watch our video showcasing how the Woodland Park Zoo utilizes their RadBurro below:



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