Introducing: The RadFit

Introducing: The RadFit

Here at Rad Power Bikes, we're constantly striving to improve upon alternative transportation options and access to mobility and public health. To that end, today (April 1), we’re thrilled to bring you the latest offering from our product team: the RadFit.


The brainchild of countless months of research, development, and testing in gyms across the country, the RadFit is a revolutionary new fitness offering that brings all the benefits and flare of ebikes to the stationary bike world.


Like a spin class on steroids, the juice in the RadFit stationary bike comes hardwired. Featuring a classically Rad colorway and our standard 750W electric motor, this stationary bike is built for speed and works for itself.


Saddle up, turn it on, and sweat no more. The RadFit does your workout so you don’t have to. Buy yours today and get fit the Rad way. Watch the promo below, then check out the RadFit page for more info.



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