How to Service the Ebike You Purchased Online

How to Service the Ebike You Purchased Online

You might be asking yourself, "How do I keep my bike running smoothly if I buy a bike online, but have never assembled or maintained a bike before, AND my local bike shop does not sell bikes like this one?"


Don't worry! As a past bike share and bike store employee, I am here to tell you that there are several service options to support you as you make the leap to electric bikes.



1. Mobile Bike Shops




One of the best features of the modern bike industry is that a solution can come to your doorstep.


Rad Mobile Service launched late last year and offers Rad riders in select cities a full menu of at-home resources, including on-site delivery, tune-ups, accessory installations, and even thorough cleanings. 


With vans that come directly to your driveway, you may never need to deal with the cumbersome process of loading and unloading your bike in a car again!


While Rad Mobile is currently operating in Seattle, Austin, Portland, Sacramento and Vancouver, B.C., those outside the regions can turn to velofix Mobile Bike Shops for basic, non-electrical assembly and maintenance services at a discounted price. 



2. Local Bike Shops


Bike Shop Workbench


Bike shops across the country have the ability to perform basic services on electric bikes, even if they don't carry them. Despite what you might think, electric bikes and traditional bikes share the majority of their components.


Most of the time you'll need to get an ebike serviced, it will be for something like replacing brake pads, getting your derailleur adjusted, or fixing a flat, all things that a traditional bike shop can handle!


In terms of assembly, nothing will need to be done with any of the electronic components, so it will parallel the assembly of a traditional bike.



3. DIY (With Some Help!)



Although all Rad Power Bikes models have electrical components, our bikes are DIY in their design. They were born in the garages of our founders and are meant to be worked on and tinkered with. Nothing about the components or hardware requires special tools. Our bikes are made for cyclists by cyclists. (Cyclists who also happen to be top-notch engineers and designers, of course.)


If you're looking for DIY tips, our in-house team of experts is constantly sharing tips aimed at helping you breeze by whatever obstacle may come across your path.


We have online resources for any situation, from noisy brakes to basic chain cleaning. Browse through our extensive database and we're confident you'll find what you're looking for. 


Watch our assembly videos to see the process before purchasing. There's no need to stress about crossing confusing wires because everything is already connected the way it should be. If you ever need replacement screws or bolts in the case that hardware becomes damaged, your local bike shop should carry a replacement.



Explore our full lineup of ebikesCurious about how you can pick the right electric bike for you? We've got you coveredStill on the fence? Check out these five reasons to start riding an ebike.  


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