Holiday Gift Guide for the Ebiker

Holiday Gift Guide for the Ebiker

Happy Holidays to our fellow bike enthusiasts! It is that time of year again when many people struggle to find the perfect gift for a loved one. If there is a cyclist in your household, this gift guide might help! Here are some ideas that are on our wish lists*!




Giving a sturdy pair of gloves can make a world of difference on their next ride. A pair of waterproof and especially windproof gloves will help make their rides better and help them ride longer! Having a windproof pair can be especially important for ebikes because they typically ride at high speeds much more frequently and continuously than riders of standard bicycles.


Phone Holder


The tech enthusiast in your life would appreciate a phone holder so that they can easily control their streaming music and use their GPS while riding.




For the commuter or student cyclist, a waterproof, reflective backpack is a must. Having a convenient and safe way for them to transport their daily necessities back and forth from home, school, or work would be a thoughtful, practical gift.


Suspension Seatpost


A suspension seatpost is a great addition to any bike. It makes the ride smoother and helps tame rough streets. Suntour is an option that offers two other springs besides the stock spring that is included. The two other springs offered are either rated for riders under 140 lbs or over 180 lbs. The swap is super quick and easy and it has made all of my rides better.


Portable Bike Pump & Repair Tools


Another practical gift that could help your favorite cyclist in a pinch would be a portable bike pump and repair tools! A handy little bike pump can help them adjust their ride, and combined with a tube repair kit, can help them fix a flat tire on the go! With a multi-function bike tool, they can make adjustments or repairs mid-ride, giving them more control over their ride and an added safety measure.  For more ideas, see our tips for tools to carry.




Help your cyclist be seen by outfitting their bike in lights! A front and rear light are a must-have for safety. Even if they already have the basics, there are other, brighter lights available which can improve their ability to see and be seen.


Pannier Bags


Having a little extra storage can make a rider's next adventure exponentially more fun! Pannier bags allow riders to ditch the backpack and let the bike carry the load. There are a variety of options found online. For Rad Power Bikes' riders, we offer two sizes (Ballard bag for the RadWagon and the Fremont bag for our other models).


Wheel Lights


A fun and groovy gift would be to get the cyclist in your life a set of bike wheel lights! These nifty lights attach easily and have a wide array of lighting options available - from solid colors, patterns, to even words! Overall they are a very fun way to be more visible on the road and to add a little style to their ride.




One accessory that your cyclist may need but didn't know that they did, is a mirror! There are many different styles, as some clamp to your helmet or handlebars, and some even mount inside the handlebar tubes! This nifty accessory helps the rider stay aware of their surroundings, and can be pretty helpful when merging.


Full Fenders


Getting some full fenders helps keep riders clean and dry as the roads get more dirty and wet. To find the best option, research based on the bike the rider owns. We are currently in stock of the fenders for our RadMini, if that's the bike they ride.


Gift Card


When in doubt, go with a gift card! It can be more thoughtful than you think. Get one to their favorite bike or gear shop, or even to their favorite establishment along their bike route. We are also offering gift cards for the first time this holiday season! 





*The ideas included on this list are merely suggestions that our team members made based on their preference or personal experience. Except for our first-party accessories, products are no way tested or endorsed by Rad Power Bikes as a company.


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