Five Rad Things We're Doing for the Planet

Five Rad Things We're Doing for the Planet

An ebike doesn’t just get you out into the world. It also helps protect it. To celebrate Earth Month, we're putting the spotlight on all of the places the Rad Community loves.

Have a favorite riding spot? We want to hear all about it! For a chance to be featured on our channels, shoot a photo or video (30 seconds or less) telling us where it is, how your ebike helps you get there, and why you love it. Tag us on social at @radpowerbikes and use the hashtag #RadPlacesWeLove to participate, or upload your photos and video directly on our site.


As one of the world's most innovative transportation companies, it should come as no surprise that we’re doing big things to help the environment. After all, when you give over 250,000 riders across 30 countries the tools to cut down on their carbon footprint, it’s only natural to expect results.

But did you know that our commitment to a greener future extends beyond offering affordable, accessible (not to mention zero-emission!) ebikes? Here are five additional steps we’re taking to protect the planet — and all the places we love.


1. We Cut Down on Our Waste

All of our showrooms and service centers are committed to cutting down on e-waste, so excess metal and batteries are recycled or refurbished through partnerships with organizations like One Green PlanetCall2Recycle, and NOWOS.

Instead of scrapping used company bikes that have racked up the miles, we refurbish and sell them through Rad Power Bikes hosted garage sales. In some cases, we’ll donate them to groups like World Relief Seattle. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, our old inner tubes go on to find a second life as bike bags.

We strive to always reuse, and if we can't, we’ll recycle. We’ll even repurpose all the zip ties we collect from on our warehouse if it means cutting down on our plastic!


2. We Help Businesses Go Green

A woman delivers food on a RadWagon electric metro bike.

You may equate jumping on an ebike with fun weekend adventures, but for businesses across the country, they mean something more: A revolutionary way to make deliveries.

Our ebikes are proving to be an integral option for last-mile delivery, a term that describes the final steps a package (or pizza box!) needs to travel through before it arrives at your front door.

Sure, making those trips with an ebike cuts down on emissions with each ride, but it also helps reduce congestion. That means fewer idling engines releasing pollution into the atmosphere and cleaner air in cities nationwide.


3. We Love Sustainable Merchandise

Have you ever checked out our merch store? Whether you’re looking to show off you Rad fandom with a T-shirt, hoodie, or hat, all of the clothing we sell is made with sustainability in mind.

We are very selective about who we choose to use as vendors. We rely on vendors who use 100 percent fair trade, sustainably-sourced, organic cotton or fabric made from recycled materials. For the graphic printing, we only use vendors who use non-toxic, eco-friendly, water-based inks. It's better for the environment and your skin.

This commitment is also reflected in the bike lubricant we use in our service department and sell in our retail showroom. Our maintenance team handpicked products that would have a minimal environmental impact. All of our lubes are at least 95 percent biodegradable, and the degreasers consist of plant and vegetable-derived ingredients that can be broken down naturally within 27 days. They also just so happen to be the best on the market. 


4. We Think out of the Box

As the year proceeds, we’re exploring bold new ways to help make a longterm difference. There's more work to do and more commitments in the pipeline. Just like our bikes, we're always on the move!

We’re always striving to identify unique ways to benefit the planet, even if it’s in ways that most riders will never notice.

For example, our latest model, the RadMission electric metro bike, comes in our most environmentally-friendly packaging to date. To account for a 52 percent decrease in plastic, we replaced foam with corrugated cardboard, swapped in paperboard handles, and reduced the number of zip ties. 


5. We Help Our Employees Live Their Radical Values 

A group of people enjoying a camping trip alongside their electric bikes.

We give every Rad Power Bikes employee an electric bike that they can use for whatever they like, be it commuting to the office, cruising around town, or venturing off into nature for the weekend.

It’s not just a fun perk, it’s an expression of our Radical values. We believe in responsibility, to our community, our team, and, most importantly, the environment. With over 400 Raddites across the globe (and many more joining us soon!), they’re demonstrating the power of ebikes in their own communities.


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