Five Reasons Why You Should Ride an Ebike

Five Reasons Why You Should Ride an Ebike

If you’ve ever considered giving an electric bike a try, there’s no better time than now. Ebikes are a rapidly growing segment of the alternative transportation movement, and an accessible option that makes getting around quickly, comfortably, and affordably as easy as ... riding a bike!


We hear from Rad riders on a daily basis, telling us how having an ebike has been life-changing for them. Every person has their own reason, but here are a few that resonate with us.



1. They spark joy!



When a landslide split California's Big Sur in two, all traffic was suddenly cut off. The locals turned to ebikes to rediscover their newly car-free community. Read their story here.


There’s something about electric bikes that just make people smile.


At our U.S. retail location, we give about 500 test rides each week. One of the main things we’ve come to expect is that no matter how nervous or skeptical someone may be when they first climb onto one of our bikes, they’re almost always grinning from ear-to-ear when they roll back into our driveway.


With an ebike, you instantly rekindle the same joy and freedom of riding a bike as you had when you were a kid — whenever and wherever you feel like it.



2. Your body will thank you.



Chris Douglas was determined to donate his kidney but needed to lose 40 pounds before he could do so. His ebike helped him meet and exceed his goal, and to date, Chris has lost 90 pounds since his first ride two years ago. Read his story here.


Ebikes may not give you the backbreaking, sweaty workouts that conventional bikes promise, but when you're slogging home from work, that’s kind of the point.


In our experience, we’ve found that by not making every ride grueling, we're more motivated to stick with longterm fitness goals.


One of the best things about ebikes is that you can get as much or as little exercise as you want. Many of our riders have the confidence to go on longer excursions (and boy do we mean long), knowing that they can rely on varying degrees of pedal-assist to get them back at any time.



3. They’re accessible.



Professional baseball player Caleb Dirks was a double-A all-star and a top-three earned run average leader across all the minors in 2016. Then, in 2017, he tore a tendon in his elbow. Suddenly, there were three surgeries and a long road ahead. His RadRover helped him get back in the game.


Injuries and physical limitations are a part of life, but they shouldn't keep anybody from getting outside and living the active lifestyle they want. Many people have turned to ebikes after not riding a bike for literally decades in order to regain mobility and get back outdoors, especially after life has tossed them a curveball.


With pedal assistance and a throttle that can easily bring even the most reluctant rider to 20 m.p.h., ebikes make riding possible for most everyone.



4. You can save on costs (to the Earth and your piggy bank).


As of this spring, Rad Riders have logged 2,259,149 miles that would have otherwise been spent in cars. Check out the environmental impact that has made.


More time on an ebike means less time spent in your car.


That’s good news for your checkbook. The average American spends $5.39 per day on gas. Needless to say, that kind of money adds up -- to roughly $2,000 a year.


Less time spent driving or ride-sharing is also good for the environment, which is especially compelling when the alternative is sitting in traffic or trying to find parking. 



5. They help you live your best life.



Tina is a 63-year old former truck driver with a big personality and a taste for life on wheels. When she left her big rig days behind her and discovered the RadWagon, her new route became crystal clear. Whether it’s getting out in nature or chauffeuring her pups around, Tina showed us how life off the truck is a life most Rad. 

Imagine passing lines of cars that are just waiting to go. Or being able to ride your bike uphill to work without breaking a sweat. Or being able to keep up with your wife on a sunset cruise.


There are so many small benefits to ebikes, but they all have one thing in common: they help their riders live. Like, really live. 


Curious to give it a shot? Check out the reviews. If you’re looking to try out one of our bikes closer to home, here are over 100 spots worldwide where you can find out which one is right for you. Ready to take the plunge? Explore our ebikes here!


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