Five Ways To Get Moving

Five Ways To Get Moving

We often take mobility for granted. Electric bikes open up transportation options for people everywhere, especially those who might not have otherwise had access. They level the playing field and give everyone a chance to do what they love -- and keep up.

All month long this February, we're celebrating mobility. Sometimes staying mobile means rising above the daily challenges, like a packed schedule, dreary weather, or shuttling the kids.

When you need a little motivation to keep moving, here are a few tips that always work for us:

1. Multitask!

A busy day doesn't mean you have to keep your bike in the garage. A jaunt to the post office, coffee shop, or weekly trip to the grocery store is a prime opportunity for a bike ride -- and a lot of fresh air, exercise, and movement!

And if you want to inspire others to find creative ways to swap car errands with ebike rides, let the Rad Family know about it on social mediaJust tag #RideRad on any pictures you capture when you're repurposing a daily trip into an ebike escape. 

2. Set a Routine

Sometimes, it’s not starting a routine that’s the hardest part … it’s sticking with it. Something as simple as visually putting the ride on the calendar can help us carve out the time.

Plus, once you’ve added it to your schedule, it’s an appointment you can look forward to all day (and one that doesn’t mean being hunched over your screen!)

3. Think of It as “You Time” ...

Mental health is incredibly important, but unfortunately, it's something a lot of us put on the back burner. We’re not saying a bike ride can solve it all, but we do believe in taking time for you, prioritizing downtime, and partaking in activities that are rejuvenating and life-giving

For us, those activities include wheeling our bike out to ride on a cool morning or bundling up to catch a ride before the sunset. Whatever “you time” looks like, you’re worth it. 

4. ... Or Bring a Friend!

On the other hand, if you’ve had enough “you time” for the day (we get it), grab a friend to pedal along with. Make some memories by cruising along your favorite local trail, or brush up on the map and discover a new route together. 

Think of it like those days you'd spend riding bikes around the neighborhood with your friends. You’ll probably discover you’re both still kids at heart, just with a pair of bikes that can take you a lot further than when you still had training wheels.

5. Challenge Yourself

Whether you’re counting minutes, miles, or times around the block, you can set a new personal record. Dress for the elements, gear up with a water bottle, and use your display to track your progress! 

For extra motivation – check out our club on Strava. It’s a Rad way to share your routes routines with friends. Just remember, only you can beat your own personal record.


Looking to share your ride with the rest of the Rad Family? Join us for the 10 Before 10 challenge on Strava

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Riders should consider their physical abilities before deciding which challenge they take on. Don't ride in conditions that exceed your or your bike’s ability.

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