Bike Security | Riding Rad

Bike Security | Riding Rad

Riding Rad” is an approachable introduction to broader issues and topics facing ebike riders globally. From general bike etiquette and weird local bike laws to safety and theft prevention tips, "Riding Rad" sheds light on some of the barriers newer riders may face and serves as a refresher for seasoned commuters.


This fall, while you're planning your new route to campus or to elementary school for drop-off, remember the virtues of having an ebike. It is easier than ever to climb up those steep hills, and parking lot nightmares can be a thing of the past.


In this episode, we explore bike security. Whether you're going back to school and need to know about locking up on campus, or you're just looking for tips on how and where to secure your bike, we've got you covered. 


Watch the video below to find out:

  • The best places to lock your bike
  • When to lock your bike (Spoiler alert: Always!)
  • What to lock up your bike with
  • How to properly lock your bike
  • Registering your bike in the event of a theft





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