Because It's the Only Planet We've Got

Because It's the Only Planet We've Got

There are plenty of reasons to ride an ebike.


It's fun, it's less sweaty than pedaling all the time, it can take you somewhere you've never been, being outside is refreshing ... the list goes on.


While we hope that one day you won't need a reason to ride an ebike -- that bikes and ebikes are the norm rather than the exception -- one good reason to hop on the saddle today is because it's Earth Day.


Whether your choice to ride an ebike comes incidentally or consciously, you limit your carbon output every time you take an ebike -- over almost any other form of transportation.


Helping extend species' longevity aboard this hurtling ball of rock and gas we call home is something we at Rad Power Bikes are proud to do. Judging by the survey responses of nearly 4,000 of our ebike owners, it's something a lot of Rad riders get behind too.

On this Earth Day (and let's be honest -- every day), we wanted to show that it's the little things that can turn into big things for the environment.

Check out the infographic below to find out what Rad owners have done for the planet.






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