9 Reasons People Love Their Rad Ebikes

Two riders stand on an ocean bluff, straddling their Rad Power Bikes.

There’s a lot to love about Rad Power Bikes ebikes (and ebiking!). How do our Rad riders love our electric bikes? Let us count the ways:

1. Fun to Ride

“A joy to ride.” Reed B., RadCity 5 Plus Rider

“Love it, love it, love it … best bike ever!!!” Joanne P., RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru Rider

“A pleasure to ride in all types of weather.” Ted S., RadRover 6 Plus Rider

“Everything I dreamed of.” Josee M., RadCity 5 Step-Thru Rider

“Lovely.” Peter G., RadMini Rider

    2. Helps You Go Places

    “If you get tired you give it throttle and fly like the wind, or relax and use the pass control. It’s a brilliant invention.” Francis K., RadRover 6 Plus Rider

    “Love everything about it. I ride in a regional park with very steep hills. So far it's been flawless.” James B., RadRover 6 Plus Rider

    “This bike sparks joy - it's fun to ride, and the e-assist function helps me zoom along and go up hills. I like the lights and battery lock features. It's easy to recharge.” Sarah W., RadRunner Rider

    “I love this bike! So easy to operate and great for exercise. You can take it out around the neighborhood and never worry about where you go because it will get you back home with a little electric help! I don’t fear the hills around my house!” John P., RadMini Step-Thru Rider Man on Rad Power Bike rides uphill.

    3. Take Passengers

    “My kids beg me to take the bike to school, the park, or just to go for a ride. It’s made our short trips into adventures, full of laughter and engagement - at a fraction of the cost of ebikes from shops here in town. We love our Radwagon!” Chris C., RadWagon Rider

    “Love this bike. So much fun to ride around with my family.” Lenard C., RadRunner Plus Rider

    “Bought this to carry the kids around the neighborhood. They love it; I love it.” Eric W., RadWagon Rider

    Mom and her two children ride a Rad Power Bike RadWagon.

    4. Makes Errands Fun

    “Our whole family loves this. I use it around town. My kids love it too. I can send my daughter to the store and she's more than happy to go!” Christina K., RadRunner Rider

    “Makes trips to the store and wandering about enjoyable.” John C., RadCity Step-Thru Rider

    “I ride it to shop and do all my errands. Everywhere I go people are asking about it. It has put the "fun" back into riding.” Kim C., RadWagon Rider

    5. Takes Pets

    “I love my bike! I also purchased the pet carrier for my babies to ride with me. They love riding as much as I do.” Tanya K., RadWagon Rider

    “I am pleased to be able to say that from the first ride on, Bentley has really enjoyed riding along with me.” Jim M., RadRover Step-Thru Rider

    “I ride every morning with my dog, King! He loves it. We ride to the lakes through trails and everywhere we can.” Steve H, RadCity Rider

    Rodent peeks out of its pet carrier front basket on a Rad Power Bike.

    6. Gets People Back to Biking

    “I have bad knees, and the best thing about it that I didn't expect is how easy the handle throttle makes getting on the bike! Wonderful! I am riding much more frequently than before when I had a regular bike.” Janet H., RadRunner Rider

    “I have a torn meniscus and pedaling lightly really helps my knee feel better! Awesome bike; glad I bought it.” Robert C., RadRover Step-Thru Rider

    “I’m a 64 year old man fighting cancer, and this bike gives me hope every time I go for rides. It keeps me moving; I get exercise and I enjoy doing it. I have my days, but when I’m on my bike I feel free.” Jim D., RadMini Rider

    7. Parks the Car

    “I enjoy everything about it every day; we don’t use our car anymore.” Genny, RadMini Rider

    “Just love it! My life has changed: no more car, parking insanity, lines … only fun, fun, fun!!!” Prisca B., RadRunner Rider

    “I'm using it less for exercise and more for commuting. It's so nice to be able to go long distances without exerting myself or getting sweaty along the way.” Matthew D., RadMini Step-Thru Rider

    8. Looks Good, Too

    “Love it. A head turner wherever we go.” Bill W., RadRunner Plus Rider

    “Weird, retro look that even teenagers give it a thumbs up.” Steve F., RadWagon Rider

    “Fun part is the neighbor’s reaction; they are so jealous.” Pat R., RadMini Rider

    9. Every Part is Rad

    “You have such polite, kind, friendly and knowledgeable representatives that love working there and love their jobs. Every contact with RAD is a plus in my day.” Alfredo R., RadCity Plus Step-Thru Rider

    “Great value and workmanship.” Steve P., RadMini Rider

    “Shout out to Myke, the mobile repair tech for Rad Power Bikes in Austin. Great, fast service; bike is as good as new, and I didn't have to take time out of the work day to drag it to a shop. 10/10, would use again!” Michael P., RadRunner Rider

    “Best thing I have ever purchased.” Fred R., RadRunner Rider Three individuals ride their ebikes on a path.

    There’s so much to love, and learn about! Find your perfect Rad Power Bike using our ebike finder.

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