45 Cities. 63 Days. 4 RadMinis.

45 Cities. 63 Days. 4 RadMinis.

45 cities in 63 days, the life of a touring musician can be equal parts thrilling and monotonous. Mastodon, one of the biggest names in heavy metal music, knows this better than just about anyone. Playing shows around the world for almost 20 years means you've got your touring routine perfected, but what happens when you throw a brand new element into the mix? On their latest US tour, Mastodon took a fleet of RadMinis with them. Watch the video below to see how the RadMini has taken their perfected formula and turned it right on its head.



"Living on the road is kind of mundane sometimes. You're sitting behind an amphitheater every day or sitting on the tour bus and maybe you want to go on an adventure. You want to go cruise into town and get a haircut or go out and meet your friends. The RadMini gets you to those places where you couldn't normally reach. I'm so appreciative of these bikes and how great they are."

- Bill Kelliher, Mastodon


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