RadRunner Rundown. Find the best electric utility bike for you. In 2019, Rad Power Bikes released the RadRunner, a do-it-all electric bike designed to be customized. Flash forward to today, and there are now three different styles of this fan-favorite model. But which is the best one for you? We'll walk (or run ... ) you through your options.

At a glance

RadRunner 2

Easy to Maintain: no gearing, no suspension, and no fuss

Choose Your Style: select from black or green models

Impressively Approachable: our most affordable ebike

Price: $1,899

The RadRunner 2 is perfect for those looking for a fun, capable electric bike without all of the bells and whistles. (Okay, it does come with a bell, but you know what we mean.)

It’s designed to be customized to tackle your daily tasks, and with up to 45 miles of range, four levels of pedal assist, and a twist grip throttle, you’ll have the boost you need to cover plenty of ground.

What our riders say

"Love how easy it is to jump on and go, easy to handle and maneuver. Great power and comfortable ride!" - Mary M.

Recreational riders

Riders who just wanna have fun

“I'm 235lbs and this thing carries me up some vicious hills around me. You have to pump, but you will get there. Anything that's not a hill is just a joy to ride on. So far I've put it though trails, fields, mud, and rain and the ride even with the stock seat is comfy and fun. This is just a joy machine."

- Alexander B.

Task masters

Riders who get things done

“All of my normal, day to day chores are a lot more fun on my RadRunner 2! It's perfect for zipping to the store or a baseball game, and the frame and tires are super stable, so I know I could do some more gravel road/trail riding.”

- Wendell H.

Power users

Riders who've covered 500+ miles

“The Radrunner 2 has exceeded all expectations for providing fun, exercise, and the ability to see new places! The bike is super reliable. I have had the bike for two months and have already put over 1200 miles on it riding all over Goleta and Santa Barbara :) No problems with this bike so far, and it is definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made for myself!!"

- Mike H.

How the RadRunner 2 compares

If you’re trying to decide between this model or a more advanced version, there are some things you should consider:

  • The pedal-assist makes it easy to take on hills, but some riders prefer having the option to change gears on particularly daunting climbs.
  • If you’re in an area with uneven terrain, or want a smoother ride, you might enjoy an option with front suspension.
  • The LED display is easy-to-use, but doesn’t display your stats, like mileage or speed.

If any of these features are an absolute must-have, you might want to consider the RadRunner Plus or RadRunner 3 Plus.

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RadRunner Plus

Fully Loaded: comes with a passenger package, premium headlight, fenders, and an upgraded LCD display

Dial In Your Effort: choose exactly how your ride feels with seven gears

The Smoothest Ride: glide over gravel and potholes with reliable front suspension

A Classic Look: available in a silver and espresso colorway inspired by vintage motorcycles

Price: $2,399

If you’re a fan of the RadRunner 2 design but want more out of an electric bike, then you’re going to love the RadRunner Plus.

 The seven-speed gearing offers more reassurance while climbing hills, and if your weekend plans call for taking your ebike off the beaten path, the front suspension makes it a whole lot smoother.

 Throw in a passenger package for riding with friends, an upgraded display to track your stats, and a premium headlight for anytime rides, and the RadRunner Plus is an easy, stylish choice.


What our riders say

"Great upgrade from original Runner. It's got all the extra stuff you want plus gears and suspension fork. Well worth [it].” - Michael H.

Recreational riders

Riders who just wanna have fun

“We purchased my RadRunner Plus in July and I love it. Great bike! Very Versatile and great quality. We went camping on the coast and had a lot of fun riding it on the beach. Very comfortable ride!”

- Deborah D.

Task masters

Riders who get things done

“This has turned into my daily commuter. I love this bike. It’s really turned around the way I live my life. Best decision our family has made. We’re almost 400 miles in!”

- Andrew W.

Power users

Riders who've covered 500+ miles

“Best purchase we’ve ever made. After 4 months and over 1000 miles, this is what we think: these bike are awesome! Neither my wife or I had really ridden bikes since college. Now, starting retirement, we were looking for something we could do together that allowed us to explore and that got us outdoors and “moving”! We couldn't be happier with our RadRunner Plus’s. We average 15 to 18 miles a day … and get a lot of 👍 from everyone we meet!”

- Jeff W.

How the RadRunner Plus compares

While the RadRunner Plus is a feature-rich ebike, you might want to consider the following when comparing it to our top-of-the-line model: the RadRunner 3 Plus.

  • The combination of seven-speed gearing, pedal assist, and a twist grip throttle can help you conquer hills, but the motor on the RadRunner 3 Plus can help you climb them even faster.
  • The RadRunner Plus has high-quality mechanical disc brakes, but the hydraulic brakes on the RadRunner 3 Plus provide smoother stops and put less stress on your ebike.
  • The RadRunner Plus has a step-thru frame, which makes it a comfortable option for most riders. However, if comfort is your top priority, you’ll appreciate the plush saddle and updated, ergonomic riding position found on the RadRunner 3 Plus.
  •  The 300 lb. cargo capacity on the RadRunner 2 and RadRunner Plus is more than enough for most riders, but if you want to haul even more, the RadRunner 3 Plus can carry an extra 50 lb.


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RadRunner 3 Plus

Smooth Stopping Power: the hydraulic disc brakes promise easy, natural stops

Advanced and Enhanced: comes equipped with our latest tech

Heavy Lifting: features an impressive 350 lb payload capacity

Breezy Hill Climbing: jet up hills 10% faster

Total Comfort: enjoy a plush saddle and ergonomic riding position

Ride in Style: a sleek modern aesthetic in Charcoal and Boss Moss Green (limited time only!)

Take Charge: the sleek semi-integrated battery pops in and out easily, and has a 10 LED display

Price: $2,799

If you want the best electric utility bike from the brains behind North America’s largest ebike brand, then look no further than the eye-catching RadRunner 3 Plus.

Like the RadRunner Plus, it comes with seven-speed gearing and rugged front suspension, but to give you even more capability, it’s enhanced with a wide array of features designed to elevate your ride.

The latest addition to the RadRunner family is a highly versatile model with hydraulic disc brakes, superior hill-climbing capabilities, and an impressive payload capacity that carries 50 lb. more than the RadRunner 2 or RadRunner Plus.

It comes standard with all of Rad’s latest tech, and is the first RadRunner equipped with a sleek, semi-integrated battery that’s easy to pop in, easy to pop out, and shows your charge through a 10 LED display.

If you crave longer, more comfortable rides, you’ll stay satisfied mile after mile thanks to the push saddle, and a redesigned frame that sets you up in an ergonomic riding position.

And if you plan on really going the distance, we’ll soon be releasing an optional range extender that allows you to equip a second battery and cover twice as much ground.

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What our riders say

“The bike is fantastic. Ride comfort is a 10/10. The bikes brake and throttle responsiveness is top notch. The standard tires it comes with provides multi-use possibilities from off-roading to city riding. The add-ons like the larger headlight, basket, and passenger seat are a great addition. Overall, the best EV Bike on the market for two-person riding and cargo capabilities.” - John T.

Recreational riders

Riders who just wanna have fun

“My husband and I both got Rad bikes, and honestly we didn't realize how much fun we would have. These bikes are sturdy, yet still peppy. We zip up hills with ease with pedal assist. We bike about 5 days a week now for fun and recreation. Love these bikes!”

- Lorri E.

Task masters

Riders who get things done

“Fantastic bike. Comfortable and very stable ride. We are avoiding the car on short errands and never feel we are over loading the bike. We can't discern a difference in the ride when completely loaded up. An absolute pleasure to ride.”

- Bob

Power users

Riders who've covered 500+ miles

“Sturdy and fun to ride. I added the hard case, and just added a large pannier bag for extra storage. 4 months and over 700 miles, and I've only had to patch one flat tire. This bike replaced my car commute 2-3 times per week and I love it!"

- Ben G.


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