Electric Cargo Trike
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$7,499.00 CAD
The RadBurro is purpose built to meet the demands of business, addressing many of the logistics industry’s most pressing issues by enhancing operational efficiency, improving fulfillment and delivery timelines, and reducing the cost and waste associated with traditional fulfillment methods.
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"It’s feature complete, meaning it can function in all sorts of conditions and be safe without requiring you to add anything aftermarket, and priced at $7,499+ CAD, feels like a bargain."
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Video highlights

Woodland Park Zoo
Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo strives to establish itself as a living showcase of sustainability with the RadBurro electric cargo trike.
Burnaby Public Library
See how the Burnaby Public Library utilizes the RadBurro electric cargo trike to spend more time outside of the library connecting with people from different parts of the city.
See how SPUD, a local & organic food delivery service, has completely transformed the way they deliver by implementing the RadBurro electric cargo trike.
Hood River Pedicab
Hood River Pedicab in Hood River, Oregon is transforming the way people move with their RadBurro electric cargo trike.

Technical specs

48V, 52.5 Ah (2.52 kWh) with Lithium NCA 18650 Samsung 35E Cells

1,400W, 20 Amp smart charger, operates on both 110V and 230V AC power outlets

48V, 500W

Rad Power Bikes proprietary color LCD
Front: 300 lumen LED with horn
Rear: Integrated brakes lights and turn signals

500W geared electric motor with 200 Nm of torque, 10:1 planetary gear reduction

Pedal Assist
Intelligent 5 level pedal assist with 12 magnet cadence sensor
Full twist throttle with on/off button

Water resistant connectors and wiring harness

USB Ports
Display: 5V, .5 Amp
Trike Components
Brake Levers
Parking brake lockout levers with motor cutoff switch

CFX floating hydraulic motorcycle brakes, 7" rotors


Crank Set
42T, 170 mm ProWheel Pioneer forged alloy, dual-sided aluminum bashguard

7-Speed Shimano Altus

Included, black plastic front and rear, full coverage
Triple Crown motorcycle fork with integrated stem and hydraulic disc brake mount

Steel, mid-step

DNP 7-speed freewheel, 11-34T

1 x 7-speed

Custom formed aluminum

Wellgo B087 CrMo axle, forged aluminum platform with reflectors, standard 9/16" x 20 TPI threading
Velo Plush

Seat Post Clamp
Quick release

Shimano SL-TX50-7R thumb shifter, 7-speed

Motorcycle 10 gauge stainless steel

Motorcycle Kenda DOT 7YXW 2.5" x 17" 38P
Key Features
500W Geared Electric Motor
With 200 Nm of torque, the RadBurro’s motor is powerful enough to haul up to 315 kg of cargo. Includes 5 levels of pedal assist and reverse.
48V, 52.5 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery with Samsung 35E Cells
An estimated 65-130+ kilometers per charge eliminates "range anxiety" and ensures you can run all day.
Pneumatic Tilt
Whether you're dumping gravel at a job site or you just need to access the battery, lifting every attachment on the RadBurro is designed to be simple.
Twist Grip Throttle
500W of power on-demand and the included on/off button allows you to only use the throttle when you want to.
Full Color LCD Display
Get all the information you need when you're out on a ride. Securely mounted directly to the handlebars and the display angle can be adjusted to accommodate different sized riders.
Safety Lights
A 300 lumen LED headlight, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals provide 360-degree visibility for enhanced rider safety.
Motorcycle Grade Wheels
Bomb-proof dependability with motorcycle spec wheels, tires, brakes, and fork. Because we know your fleet equipment can’t afford to take a sick day.
Retractable Charging Cord
Easily plug in between rides without having to fiddle with external chargers or power bricks. 6 meters in length.
Powerful Brakes
Moto-spec hydraulic disc brakes for smooth, powerful braking you can count on, even under heavy load.
Motor Safety Cutoff
Both brake levers automatically cut off the motor power when they are applied to keep you safe in even the most surprising situations.
Total Cost Overview
John Deere Gator XUV 825i
Grainger Cushman Utility Vehicle
Kubota RTV 400CI
Golf Cart
Cargo Van
Purchase Cost

Running Cost (annually)

Tangible Cost (in CAD)


Intangible Cost

Insurance (varies by fleet size and market)
Annual Fuel Cost
Total Annual Cost
Total Cost of Ownership (over 5 year period)
Annual Emissions Contribution
Street Legality
Average Speed in City (mph)
Parking Issues
Access Flexibility
Urban Congestion Contribution
Range (estimated average)
Contribution to Driver Health
11-12 metric tons/year
13-14 metric tons/year
11-12 metric tons/year
1.5-2 metric tons/year
11-13 metric tons/year
10-12 (continuous)
Pedestrian zones and bike paths
65-130+ km per charge
Positive - daily exercise
Negative - sedentary
Negative - sedentary
Negative - sedentary
Negative - sedentary
Negative - sedentary
2.6 kpl
2.1 kpl
2.6 kpl
5-15 (stop/start basis)
17 kpl
9.8 kpl
Road network only
Limited availability, risk of tickets/fines
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RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike

Flat Bed

$7,699 CAD

Easy to load and versatile, the Flat Bed attachment is great for Euro-sized pallets and includes hooks for securing loads with straps.

90 cm x 120 cm
Euro-pallet compatible

Built For
- Oversized or oddly-shaped loads
- Forklift and pallet loading
RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike

Truck Bed

$7,799 CAD

Ideal for loose items like gravel, the truck bed has an included tailgate to make loading and unloading easy.

90 cm x 120 cm x 30 cm
Euro-pallet compatible

Built For
- Transporting boxed goods
- Hauling dirt, rocks, soil, or sod
- Forklift/pallet loading
RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike

Cargo Box

$8,099 CAD

Great for keeping items dry and secure, the locking cargo box is available in 2 sizes (Standard & XL), with or without side roll up doors.

Standard: 129 cm x 89 cm x 114 cm
XL: 134 cm x 86 cm x 137 cm

Built For
Transporting anything you need to keep dry and secure
RadBurro Electric Cargo Trike


$8,099 CAD

Move people from point A to point B with the comfortable pedicab attachment. Includes under-seat storage and canopy.

112 cm x 147 cm

Built For
Transporting tourists, sports fans, and sightseeing passengers
"It’s feature complete, meaning it can function in all sorts of conditions and be safe without requiring you to add anything aftermarket, and priced at $7,499+ CAD, feels like a bargain."
- ElectricBikeReview.com

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The Rad Battery Pack

With over a decade of designing and building ebikes under our belts, we know that a high-capacity battery like this isn’t something you cheap out on. We designed and built our batteries using genuine Samsung 35E cells, which are some of the most energy-dense and reliable lithium-ion cells on the market today. At only 14 kg, the RadBurro's battery is similar in size to a battery found on an electric motorcycle, but on a chassis that's half the weight of an electric motorcycle.
Kilometers per Charge
5-6 Hours
To Fully Charge
2.52 kWh
Total Battery Capacity

Compact, Discreet, Maintenance-Free Motor

With 500W and 200 Nm of torque at your disposal, this motor is what is going to help power you up steep inclines and get you up to top speed quickly from a dead stop, all while remaining quiet and inconspicuous. These kinds of numbers aren't even found on some of the most expensive mid drive systems out there, so prepare to outperform and outclass everyone you see on the road.
Motor Power
200 Nm
Max Motor Torque
32 km/h
Top Speed

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