Become an ebike expert -- from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re new to cycling or have over 2,000 miles on your Radometer, it never hurts to get your hands a little dirty.

That’s why we’ve launched Rad Academy, a monthly basic ebike maintenance class that gives riders a chance to hone their skills with our team of resident experts.

We’re streaming this series of fun, informative classes live on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube! Tune in to follow along, ask questions, and keep your bike in top shape for years to come. This is your chance to become your own expert.



Our next class has not been scheduled yet. Check back soon for updates!




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View Past Online Classes

Didn't make it to one of our previous online classes? Don't fret, you can view recordings of past classes below.

Ebike Etiquette


Join Olivia, a Customer Experience Specialist at Rad, as she answers your questions about the rules of the road.

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Preventative Care


Join David, an Ebike Assembly Supervisor at Rad, as he shows you how to identify when your ebike needs some TLC.

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Rear Derailleur Adjustment 101


Join David, an Ebike Assembly Supervisor at Rad, as he shows you how to properly adjust your derailleur to keep your bike shifting smooth.

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Fix a Flat Tire


Join Fritz, our Service Excellence Manager, as he shows you how to properly repair a flat tire.

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How to Lube Your Chain


Service Excellence Manager Fritz teaches you how to properly lube your chain and shares his favorite tips and tricks.

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