Group of people riding electric bikes on a dirt road.
Group of people riding electric bikes on a dirt road.


RadRover 6 Plus

Our fat-tire flagship has been totally redesigned to help you get more out of every ride. Unlock more comfort, ease, and adventure with the refined RadRover 6 Plus.

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Man putting on shoes with an electric bike in the background.

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More comfort, ease, and adventure

RadRover 6 Plus

RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru

RadRover 6 Plus Charcoal electric bike
RadRover 6 Step-Thru Plus Charcoal electric bike

Years of in-house engineering translate to an easy-to-ride bike that embodies Rad’s core design principles: Power, comfort, and range.

We’ve reengineered the step-thru frame to make it easier to mount and dismount, all while maintaining the Rover’s rugged spirit.

What Makes it Special?

RadRover 6 Plus

  • RadRover 6 Plus Charcoal electric bike
  • RadRover 6 Step-Thru Plus White electric bike
  • 500W

    Geared Hub Motor

  • Up to 45+

    Miles Per Charge

  • 48V, 14 Ah

    Lithium-Ion Battery

  • 275lb

    Payload Capacity

Close of electric bike battery mounted on bike.

Sleek, Easy To Remove Semi-Integrated Battery

Engineered in-house for maximum durability and an enhanced user experience, the sleek new battery is easier to pop on, pop off, and take with you on the go.

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All-New Hydraulic Disc Brakes For Greater Stopping-Power

Our high-performance hydraulic disc brakes promise superior stopping-power, greater adjustability, and more control over your ride.

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Person riding an electric bike through mud.
Image of electric bike, showing motor hub.

Custom Geared Hub Motor With Enhanced Hill Climbing Capabilities

Our engineers have fine tuned the all-new 500W geared hub motor to provide more power, more efficiently. You can now conquer hills faster, get up to speed quicker, and experience a consistently stronger ride — even at lower speeds.

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Redesigned Frame For Unrivaled Rider Comfort

We’ve reengineered the Rover’s iconic frame to provide better handling and a more comfortable, ergonomic experience for a wider range of riders.

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Person riding electric fat tire bike on a road.
Close up of electric bike display screen.

Custom User Interface For an Intuitive, Stress-Free Experience

The Rad User Interface’s intuitive design makes operating your bike a breeze. Track your stats in real-time with the bright, bold Rad Display. Want more power from the motor? The user-friendly Rad Remote makes it easier to adjust your level of pedal assist.

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Exclusive Accessories Designed for Your New Ride

Gear up for any adventure. Our new lineup of accessories help you do more, whether that’s loading up for a weekend getaway or charging your devices when you’re on the move.

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Close up of a rear storage rack on an electric bike.

RadRover 6 Plus Details

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Close up of an electric bike in a greenhouse with a farmer in the background.
Photo of Rad Power Bikes electric bike fleet.
Photo of Rad Power Bikes electric bike fleet.


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