Electric Bikes for the Outdoors

Save your energy for when you get there. These bikes take you farther.

Riding an ebike is a great way to explore nature on its own, but for outdoor enthusiasts, the ride is just the beginning.

Our electric bikes reach off-road areas that cars can't, carry heavy supplies up the mountains with ease, and leave you with enough energy to maximize your experience once you finally break away from civilization.

When we say they’re built for anything, we mean it.

More Gear More Places

With impressive cargo capabilities and accessories that are designed for heavy lifting, our all-terrain electric bikes let you load up on all the essentials -- and then some.

We go above and beyond as far as taking hunting gear in and out, and we don't have any problems with it. Sometimes we'll even strap a decoy deer to the back of the bike before we head in.

Jay Gregory, Bowhunter, “The Wild Outdoors”

It’s like a portable tackle box, only better. I’m usually able to fit an inflatable 'pack raft' for floating, fishing waders, wading boots, rod, and my pack.

Cameron Garrison, flyfisherman

Save Your Energy For What You Really Love

Your ride won’t leave you winded, thanks to varying levels of pedal assist and a twist-grip throttle that can effortlessly get you up to 20 mph*. Arrive at your destination feeling ready for anything.

If you go on your regular bike, you work really hard to get there. Then when you arrive, all you want to do is sleep. With an electric bike, it’s a more enjoyable ride, and I can go fishing or hiking after since I won’t be totally exhausted.

Marley Blonsky, bike camper

My wife and I will drive to a trailhead, park, and then take our bikes uphill for 8 or 9 miles. It's not like we’re lazy -- we just want to spend our energy on the things that we really want to do, like backcountry touring, mountain biking, or swimming.

Ming Poon, photographer and backcountry snowboarder

Go Natural

If you love nature, you’ll love our bikes. Make any excursion a zero-emission experience with electric bikes built for the trail ahead.

Ebikes for hunting, man. You can get in and out without disrupting anything.

Jay Gregory, bowhunter, “The Wild Outdoors”

It adds to the overall experience. You get to have an enjoyable ride to your fishing spot and feel good about not burning carbon to drive a big truck there. It adds to the overall zen.

Cameron Garrison, flyfisherman

*Independent Throttle feature not available in all countries. Please check you local laws for any restrictions on using ebikes on pedestrian and bike pathways.