Safe Shield™ Advanced External Battery

Ships: Estimated by June 12th

$799 CAD

  • Comes standard on the RadWagon 5 and RadExpand 5 Plus
  • Compatible as an upgrade for models that use an external battery (including the RadExpand 5, RadRunner 2 & Plus, RadWagon 4, RadMission)
  • Not for use on non-Rad Power Bikes branded ebikes

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Safe Shield Advanced External Batteries are more durable, more powerful, and feature thermal-resistant technology to ensure industry-leading safety, whether it’s on or off your ebike.

The same high-grade lithium-ion cells that were once reserved for electric cars now power your electric bike, giving you added capability, greater efficiency, and a longer battery life cycle.

The battery’s thermal-resistant technology encapsulates each cell in a unique heat-absorbing resin. This can effectively stop the spread of a localized thermal event and can even extinguish the thermal incident.

And for even greater peace of mind, they are UL Certified to UL 2271, which means they’ve been tested to meet the highest standards set by UL Solutions – a global leader in applied safety science.


  • When applied as an upgrade for a 14Ah battery, users will see range increase of ~7%
  • When applied as an upgrade on the RadMission, users will see range increase of ~43%
  • Lockable and removable with the included key, each new battery pack comes with its own set of keys
  • Built-in charge level indicator
  • 21-700 Samsung 50GB or LG M50LT cells
  • UL Certified to UL-2271
  • Additional Battery Charger can be purchased separately
  • Battery purchases are final sale. View our full return policy.

Sizing & capacity

  • Battery capacity: 14.4-15Ah 680-720 Wh 
  • Dimensions (metric): 37.7 cm (L) x 9.0 cm (W) x 10.1 (H)
  • Weight: 10 lb. (4.5 kg)

Installation & use

  • Battery securely fits on the bike and is locked into place with your ebike's included keys. The battery has three settings: locked to the bike and on, locked to the bike and off, or unlocked and removable.
  • For installation instructions, please reference the owner's manual that came with the bike. 
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