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Close up image of gripsClose up image of grips and plugs
Rad Comfort Grips
(4.1) 20 Reviews
$29 CAD
Save $24 CAD
RadRunner Number PanelsRadRunner Number Panels
RadRunner Number Panels
$55 CAD $79 CAD
Save $21 CAD
Conestoga CanopyConestoga Canopy
Conestoga Canopy
$48 CAD $69 CAD
Rad Tail LightRad Tail Light
Rad Taillight
(4.1) 32 Reviews
$30 CAD
Save $10 CAD
Handlebar MittsHandlebar Mitts
Handlebar Mitts
(4.4) 23 Reviews
$99 CAD $109 CAD
Save $20 CAD
RadRunner Comfort SaddleRadRunner Comfort Saddle
RadRunner 1 Comfort Saddle
(3.6) 24 Reviews
$49 CAD $69 CAD
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Save $50 CAD
Ballard Cargo BagBallard Cargo Bag
Ballard Cargo Bag
$79 CAD $129 CAD
RadRunner Passenger PackageRadRunner Passenger Package
RadRunner 2 Passenger Package
$139 CAD
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Bike Adapter BarBike Adapter Bar
Bike Adapter Bar
(4.7) 79 Reviews
$50 CAD
RadMini / RadExpand Rear Rack
RadMini / RadExpand Rear Rack
$109 CAD
Rad Large Basket with black metal grid sides and a wood-paneled baseLarge Front-Mounted basket mounted on an electric bike
Large Front-Mounted Basket
$149 CAD
Passenger package shown installed on a RadRunner 3 Plus electric bikeRear view of a passenger package installed on a RadRunner 3 Plus electric bike
RadRunner 3 Passenger Package
$179 CAD
Black plastic locking console that attaches to the RadRunner 3 Plus Electric Utility BikeRadRunner 3 Plus electric bike with the RadRunner 3 Console installed
RadRunner 3 Console
$169 CAD
Rad Fat Tire Wheel Lock installed on an ebike, showing the orange key and with the optional security chain attached.Rad fat tire wheel lock, which mounts to select ebike frames
Rad Fat Tire Wheel Lock
(4.2) 28 Reviews
$89 CAD
Short Security Chain which is a length of steel links covered by a nylon sheathLong Security Chain which is a length of steel links covered by a nylon sheath
Rad Wheel Lock Security Chain
From $65 CAD
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Small Front-Mounted BasketSmall Front-Mounted Basket
Small Front-Mounted Basket
$119 CAD

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