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RadRover 6 Plus HSRadRover 6 Plus HS
RadRover™ 6 Plus High-Step Electric Fat Tire Bike
(4.3) 687 Reviews
$1,499 CAD $2,099 CAD
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RadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru Glossy WhiteRadRover 6 Plus Step-Thru Glossy White
RadRover™ 6 Plus Step-Thru Electric Fat Tire Bike
(4.6) 443 Reviews
$1,699 CAD $2,099 CAD
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RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike Version 4 - OrangeRadWagon Electric Cargo Bike Version 4 - Orange
RadWagon™ 4 Electric Cargo Bike
(4.7) 1104 Reviews
$2,199 CAD $2,399 CAD
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RadRunner™ PlusRadRunner™ Plus
RadRunner™ Plus
(4.5) 364 Reviews
$2,199 CAD $2,399 CAD
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Rad Power Bikes | RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru WhiteRad Power Bikes | RadCity 5 Plus Step-Thru White
RadCity™ 5 Plus Step-Thru Electric Commuter Bike
(3.8) 246 Reviews
$2,299 CAD
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Right side view of the black RadRunner 2 electric utility bikeAngled right side view of the black RadRunner 2 electric utility bike
RadRunner™ 2 Electric Utility Bike
(4.7) 1464 Reviews
$1,899 CAD
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Rad Power Bikes | City 5 High Step Black Electric Commuter BikeRad Power Bikes | City 5 High Step Black Quarter View
RadCity™ 5 Plus High-Step Electric Commuter Bike
(3.9) 187 Reviews
$2,299 CAD
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RadRunner™ 3 Plus Electric Utility BikeRight side view of a charcoal RadRunner 3 Plus electric utility bike
RadRunner™ 3 Plus Electric Utility Bike
(4.5) 20 Reviews
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Electric Family Bikes

What is an electric family bike, and is it the right ebike for you? Let’s explore all the features and benefits these ebikes, also known as a electric cargo bikes. We classify any ebike offering additional passenger capacity as a family electric bike. They deliver fun and mobility to you, your children, and other passengers (up to the bike’s payload capacity, of course).

Our customers use these family and passenger ebikes to drop kids off to school, tackle the grocery run, or head out with a friend on the back to see a show. From our blog:

“It makes me feel like I can conquer the hills. With an electric bike, it’s a breeze. Without it, we’d never be as excited to go on a family bike ride.”

We offer two models capable of carrying multiple children or an adult passenger. Many families choose our RadWagon and RadRunner ebikes for hauling children and cargo because of the support from our powerful geared-hub motors, pedal assist, and 300- or 350-lb payload capacity. Both models can be customized for passenger comfort and safety with a variety of accessories.

Frame types

There are several types of ebike frames primarily used for riding with families and passengers.

Standard ebikes fitted with child seats. These are electric bikes with an added or integrated rear rack to which you safely mount a child seat.

Long-tail ecargo bikes that can accommodate up to three smaller passengers on the long rear frame.These bikes can be customized with a variety of accessories, including seating and child seats – even protecting against the elements. Our longtail RadWagon model has a payload capacity of 350 lbs and is powered by a 750w motor to power your heaviest, most precious loads easily.

Moped-style electric utility bikes with a comfortable passenger saddle that can accomodate small or large passengers. Our RadRunner, moped-style models are one of the most popular in our lineup. Featuring a 300-lb. payload capacity, our RadRunner 2 model can be accessorized with a passenger saddle, foot pegs and support bar, and our RadRunner Plus comes outfitted with everything included for you and a friend to get on and go.

Bakfiets, front-loading ecargo bikes, are a type of family electric bike popular in Europe, and gaining popularity in North America. They are iconic for their large passenger basket at the front of the bike that can fit multiple small children. Rad Power Bikes do not currently offer a front-loading model.

Design & Use

Our primary family ebike models come with 750W rear hub motors, up to 45+ miles per charge, and either 300- or 350-lb payload capacity. Cargo-bike models feature step-through or mid-step frames to provide easier access for mounting, riding, and stopping while helping manage the weight of your passengers. 

All of our ecargo models come with different levels of pedal assist to help power you along at your own pace. The half-twist throttle is an extra boost of power which can help get the bike rolling when it's heavily loaded. Depending on the model, frames work with a rigid or shock fork.

Smaller diameter 20” or 22” wheels and fat tires 3” to 3.3” wide provide increased stability when you ride on hills or paths. These slightly thinner tires have less rolling resistance and are quieter while still offering great stability and slightly zippier feel. 

The key to a smooth ride is to find the appropriate air pressure for your setup and loads. Slightly lower pressures are better for bumpier conditions, snow, or mud (but not too low). A higher pressure works better with paved or smooth surfaces. Be sure to fit within the recommended range that’s listed on your tire sidewalls.

Family Ebike Safety & Comfort

Depending on the age of the children or passengers you may be carrying, it’s important to consider appropriate safety gear and passenger comfort accessories. For babies and toddlers, we recommend mounting a child seat such as the Thule Yepp Child Seat. Almost all Rad Power Bikes are compatible and our RadWagon long-tail models can hold two Thule Yepp Child seats.

With the long-tail RadWagon, we recommend accessories like Caboose stability rails and Running Boards for support. For traveling comfortably in bad weather, you can add a water-resistant Conestoga top for protection from the elements. For older children, customers typically add a Deckpad seat, Deckhand stability bars and footpegs. 

Our RadRunner models can also be outfitted with child bike seats or a stylish, comfortable passenger seat with foot pegs as your passengers get bigger.

We recommend parents and passenger-carriers consider safety accessory upgrades like a rear view mirror, premium headlight or reflective stickers to help keep safe throughout the year. Everyone riding should wear a helmet that’s the right size and fit for safety. Rad offers a full line of top-rated and cool helmets for any rider. 

Child Seat vs. Passenger Seat (Age Limits)

While there is no exact age when to switch your child from a child carrier to a passenger seat, we recommend only switching from child seats to these setups when your child is tall enough to reach foot supports and can hold on to stability bars comfortably.

Of course, there is no age too old to be a passenger on a Rad ride as long as you follow the weight restrictions of the rear rack and your passenger can wear a helmet, support themselves on the seat, and hold on for ride safety.

Limit to Number of Child Seats

Almost all of our regular ebikes are capable of safely carrying one additional passenger with a child seat or passenger seat. Only the RadWagon long-tail cargo ebike is capable of fitting two children safely on the back. Please make sure to also check your local government regulations; there may be restrictions that do not permit more than one child per bicycle no matter the capabilities of your bike.

Please also note the payload capacity of the individual electric bicycle you own, which will help decide the number of passengers you can accommodate. The rear rack for both ebikes is rated for a weight limit of 120 lbs or under, and you must not exceed total payload capacity of the ebikes (RadRunner payload capacity is 300 lbs; RadWagon is 350 lbs).

Storing & Transport

All Rad Power Bikes are built with dimensions similar to regular bicycles, therefore, they can generally fit wherever you would store your ebike. The RadWagon is our only long-tail bike, so check that your storage can fit the full length of this bike which is 78.7” or a little more than 6.5’. Please note your dimensions can get bigger with added accessories.

Electric bikes are heavier than regular bikes. We recommend storing a Rad bike in a location where you can access or carry the bike up stairs or lift into storage regularly.

Rad bikes can be transported like regular ebikes on a vehicle with an appropriate vehicle accessories like bike racks and adapter bars for our step-thru bike models. 

RadWagon ebikes are extra long, so please check traffic safety requirements when transporting it on your vehicle.

Featured Customer Reviews

"RadWagon is the ultimate family hauler. Love taking this out to run errands or pickup kids from school! Best 40 min of my day getting to ride instead of sitting in a car."
Colby B.

"Great bike all around! I was able to travel through San Francisco with a passenger and went almost 30 miles!"
Chansavang O.

"We’re on it almost everyday. My two girls and I absolutely love riding around, exploring new trails and parks. It has been one of the best purchases ever!"
Alexandria J.

"Great first e-bike! Overall the bike is great! I did a ton of research before buying and landed on the RadRunner Plus as a first do-everything e-bike. Assembly was easy enough after watching the video walkthrough. It's super fun to ride and my wife said the same as a rider and passenger."
Richard T.

"The RW4 is BIG! But it’s great for riding with my 2 kids (3 & 1). I’ve had no issues getting used to the pedal assist or the throttle. I find it easy to load the kids up using the kickstand and get going with just a little throttle. I was able to put it together by myself and I’ve added a few extras for carrying the kids. Overall I LOVE the bike. I may bring it to a bike shop just to adjust some of the components (brakes are rubbing). Our rad runner just arrived yesterday so I can’t wait till we can all ride together."
Don W.