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See what RadRover and RadWagon owners are saying!

  • "I researched ebikes for a year. My RadRover is everything I hoped and more! I enjoy it on my 20 mile round trip daily commute to work on a bike trail. It turns heads. Actually I more than enjoy it...it brings a smile and I LOVE IT!" -E.

  • "Great design and powerful battery makes you feel that your are driving a motorcycle. You will become famous riding this bike in the neighborhood. It's just amazing I love it more than my car." -Miguel

  • "I bought my wife a radwagon for Christmas... We have been married for 32 years, I believe this is the most beloved present I have ever gave her!" -Tim

  • "I have had a couple back surgeries in the last 8 years, and I haven't ridden in years. After doing some research I bought a RadRover, and couldn't be more pleased. I can now ride with my wife again, the riding position causes me no back pain at all." -Mark

  • "My RadRover went beyond my expectations! The battery lasts forever (still have 2 bars of energy after riding 40 miles). Now I know how it feels to stay in the lead. Thank you for building the perfect mountain bike for me, an older woman." -Sandy

  • "I have had the best time on my new Rad bike! I bought two, one for me and one for my wife. Everybody we ride by takes a double look at us! I usually stop and tell them about our cool new bikes" -Tom

  • "This bike is a beast! It is so fun to ride, and offers many advantages over a traditional mountain bike. The fat tires and the extra muscle will take you to places you just wouldn't even attempt to travel on with a regular mountain bike." -Coleman

  • "After having a total left knee replacement and a left shoulder replacement I found it nearly impossible to continue with my exercise activities with the same vigor, then, welcome the RadWagon! I found the price and specs of the Rad e-bikes to be exactly what I was looking for. In less that 5 minutes I was hooked!" -Tony

  • "I can honestly say this sixty something is back in the game. I commute seven miles a day rain or shine. The bike performs beautifully." -Don

  • "At 6'4" 240lbs I have put the RadRover through some pretty good trials over less than ideal terrain. I have had this bike just over a month now. Have 225 miles so far and the bike has performed flawlessly!" -Robert

  • "The RadRover has certainly given me a new and improved enthusiasm for bike riding, naturally my physical health is improving with every RadRover outing!" -Barry

  • "I haven't had this much fun biking in years! Great exercise too. I am 63 and can't wait to get outdoors and act like a youngster again." -Rich

  • "Love the Radwagon! My 9 yr. old and 4 yr. old love to get on in the morning to go to school. My husband and I are now fighting on who gets to take it for the day. Looks like we might need another one!" -Audra