COVID-19 Update



Mike here, Founder and CEO of Rad Power Bikes. COVID-19 and stay at home orders have not only changed the way we interact with each other, but also the way we get around, resulting in an unprecedented boom in the demand for alternative transportation, like ebikes.


As North America’s largest electric bike brand, high call and email volume isn’t something that is new to us. With the current demand for our products being up 297%, however, we’re experiencing long response times, despite having 70-plus Seattle-based teammates dedicated to customer support. These delays in getting back to you are not acceptable and do not meet our standards, and for that, we want to apologize.


These are unprecedented times, and now more than ever we are committed to serving our community. We are all in this together. We’re taking your calls from our home-office basements, kitchens, and anywhere else the Wifi is good! We are so thankful for your patience and understanding. Please know that you are being heard and never ignored.


At Rad Power Bikes, our customers have and will always come first. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to customer service -- our commitment to it is even in our mission statement. When you call, we pick up. When you email, we reply, within hours. Here’s what we’re doing to ensure we are able to do that.


We are staffing up: We are more than doubling our Customer Experience and Product Support teams. Whether you need help adjusting your brakes or want to know why our tires are so big, you’ll hear from us sooner!


We are providing more online tools and resources: For those of you who’d rather find an answer on your own, we have you covered. We have been revamping our online Help Center to make it easier than ever to learn about ebikes, determine which bike is right for you, troubleshoot issues, look up your order, and much more.


We continue to enhance our support tools and processes: As our support teams continue to grow, so do our tools and processes to ensure that we’re growing efficiently and effectively. Better processes, tools, and training will ensure that we keep the high-quality care coming and continuously improving.


These changes are being made now, and we look forward to continuing to support you, your friends and family, your community, and of course, your ebike. We're producing more bikes than we ever have, faster than we ever have, and we’re doing everything in our power to get back to the world-class care we’re known for.


Thank you for riding Rad!


Mike Radenbaugh

Founder and CEO

Rad Power Bikes