The Extra Mile: Work-Life Rad

The Extra Mile: Work-Life Rad

“The Extra Mile” is a Rad new video series that highlights the dedication, passion, and narratives of RPB employees. From R&D engineers who build electric cars for fun to retail specialists who are also journalists, each member of our team has their own Rad story. This is Sam's.


By day, Sam is a senior technical support specialist. When he's not at work, he's making digital art -- and he's pretty damn good at it. Earlier this month, Sam took us on a tour around his Capitol Hill neighborhood and showed us what he's been up to when he's not solving the world's tech support woes.




Here are a few of his favorite things, in his own words. 

Rad Power Bikes model:


The RadCity is my bike of choice, but I have a real soft spot for the RadWagon. I’ve been riding road bikes for most of my life, so having an ebike with a more traditional frame design and thinner tires feels close to home.

Place to ride:


When I’m riding around Capitol Hill, I usually use the bike for commuting and errands but it also gives me the opportunity to explore places in Seattle that I'd never visit on foot or via bus. It gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom in that sense.


Place to eat:


My favorite restaurant changes a lot, but lately I've been absolutely enamored with Loving Hut in the International District. My co-worker Paden first recommended it to me and now I go there super regularly. I love their eggplant tofu and their Szechwan strips.




That's a wormhole I could go down. My longstanding favorites are Markie Mickelson and Austin Furtak Cole. More recent discoveries are Celine Ducrot and Jackson O'Brasky. All four of these artists have wildly different styles but they all explore the concept of subjective perception in really interesting ways.

Thing about Seattle:


I will always be a little biased. I haven't done much traveling, and part of me feels like I can't speak objectively about the city because it's got its hooks in me too deep. It's hard for me to imagine loving anywhere else like I do Seattle. The community is so vibrant, the neighborhoods are so diverse, there is so much to see, and I still feel like I'm discovering new pockets I've never explored.



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