So Easy a Kid Can Build It

So Easy a Kid Can Build It

When I was in kindergarten, I learned how to hold scissors and to not eat glue. It was a quaint time, with bugs under magnifying glasses in the sun, teachers named Cookie, and the occasional playground-equipment shiner.


With everything in existence being so smart today, kindergartners don't have such frivolous luxuries any more. They have to work! To propel the human race! To know their STEMs, practice their EQs, and mind their NSFLs. (Adult translation: Not safe for life. IKR -- I know, right?)


Kids have to learn and retain more than they ever have, often giving adults a run for their money on game shows and in conversation over brunch.


When a person of any age buys a consumer-direct ebike, it's a worthwhile idea for the company they bought it from to make sure they can put it together without having to add gray hair around the cranial area.


At Rad Power Bikes, we want our customer's bikes to be as close to road-ready as possible when they're shipped from our warehouse in Washington. To that end, we provide intuitive instructions in our owner's manuals, world-class customer service and tech support, and a treasure trove of how-to videos and articles should they get stuck along the way.


Or so we think.


But we wanted to put that theory to the test. Is it actually easy to assemble one of our ebikes? How easy is it? Who better to ask than a kindergartner? Meet Arlo. He's going to build your bike today.





(Disclaimer: This one's meant to be fun and in NO WAY should be taken as an instructional/technical overview video. We do not encourage having kindergartners assemble your ebike, unless they have grown-up help and want to do it. You can find real RadMini assembly instructions here.)


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